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Provisioning A Workspace

How to Use and Provision Workspaces in Falu

The basic function of a workspace is to store and organize your Falu content.

It is only within a given workspace that one accesses the various functions of the Dashboard. In addition to these capacities is perhaps the Workspace's most powerful feature: Collaboration.

Thus, the workspace can serve as a space to utilize the various features of Falu and, at the same time, is a platform to manage user access and rights.


Workspace Modes: Test and Live

Test mode is meant to help with understanding, experiencing and testing the product down to every detail. Test mode and Live mode are very similar with only one key difference: In live mode, the API actually does the real work.

For example, one can actually verify customer identities, send and receive messages, and process payments.

The same processes can be done within the test environment using test data, but with no cost implications.

Provisioning a Workspace

Before you begin

Falu does not have a default workspace provisioned. If, after sign in, you do not have access to a workspace, you will be prompted to create one.

However, if more than one person will be accessing your content, then a dedicated workspace should be created for the other users, who can then be added to collaborate on this workspace as appropriate.

Steps to Create a Workspace

  1. In a given workspace environment, click on Create New Workspace


  2. Fill out the following fields in the Basics step:

    • Workspace Name: Give the Falu workspace a name. For example, Showcase
    • Select the business type that is appropriate for the new workspace. One can choose from among four options: Individual, Company, Non-Profit Organization, or Governmental Institution.

    Refer to the Entity Types documentation for more information regarding your business type.

  3. Depending on the selected business type, fill in the details in the About page. For example, below is the information of a fictitious company.


  4. Proceed to the Profile page and fill in the appropriate details.


  5. Click on the Submit & Finish button to complete the process. A page displaying the input details will be shown for you to confirm their correctness. You can go back and edit the responses should you spot any errors. After confirming that all the details are, indeed, correct, re-click on the Submit & Finish button.


  6. A new workspace bearing the input details will be created for you automatically for use in Test mode. Once the given information is validated, the workspace can be approved for use in Live mode.