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Falu Identity offers a simple way for you to verify the identities of users from Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania, with support for other African countries in progress.

Using Falu Identity, you can:

  • Capture IDs through a seamless verification flow.
  • Verify the authenticity of various ID documents, including ID cards, passports, and driving licenses.
  • Match photo IDs with selfies.
  • Access extracted data from processed ID documents.

Identity verification checks on Falu can be conducted through two means: the Dashboard and the Falu API.


Only fully activated accounts can perform identity verification checks. When using the Dashboard, this means that you can only execute checks in Live mode.

By default, verification checks using either the Dashboard or API have the following basic workflow:

  1. A verification session is started.
  2. Documents and images are uploaded as required.
  3. A check is constructed and an appropriate report generated.

Falu Identity presently supports four types of verification checks: document, document and selfie, document and video, and ID number.

Presently, the main supported documents are government-issued identity cards. Checks with passports and driving licenses are currently under beta testing.