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Sending and receiving messages with media

Supported File Types

Falu supports sending and receiving images, audio, PDF, and vCard files. The following formats are currently supported:

ImagesJPEG, PNG, WEBPimage/jpeg, image/png, image/webp
AudioAMR, MP3, MP4, OGGaudio/amr, audio/mpeg, audio/mp4, audio/ogg
VideoMP4 (with H.264 video codec and AAC audio)video/mp4
ContactsvCard (.vcf)text/vcard

You can send media messages up to 16 MB in size. A media message can only contain one media object. If you need to send a media object that is larger than 16 MB, please reduce the file size before sending it to Falu.


MP4 video files which do not include an audio track (silent videos) may fail. To work around this issue, please add an audio track (with AAC codec) to any MP4 video included as message media. The audio track can contain silence.