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Using a template alias

By default, all templates include an alias. If you wish to reference a template by an alias instead of its id, you can set the exact alias that you want to use and then reference that in your API call to send a message with the template. You can set a template's alias in the Falu dashboard or using the Message templates API.

A message template alias must be unique per workspace and mode (live/test) combination to allow you to reference the template just with an alias.

Setting an alias using the Falu dashboard

  1. Open the template you want to set an alias for.
  2. While viewing/editing the template, click on the Alias input and set the desired value to use when sending messages (e.g. otp_v2).


Setting an alias using the Message Template API

You can set an alias during the creation of a template using the Create message template API or you can use the Update message template API for existing templates.

A message template alias only allows alphanumeric characters, hyphens (-) or underscores (_). For example, otp-V2 is allowed but otp:V2 or OTP v2 are not allowed.

Using template alias when sending a message

You can use a message template alias when sending a message via the Send a message API or the Send bulk messages API.

For example:

"to": "+254722000000",
"template": {
"alias": "counseling_promo",
"model": {
"student": {
"name": "John"
"stream": "promotional"