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One platform, three use cases

A unified platform for business operations and transactions

Falu brings a suite of three products - Identity, Messaging, and Payments - to your websites and apps.

Through Falu, we help SMEs in Kenya to verify the identity of their customers, communicate with their clients, and accept and make payments.

  • Messaging

    Interact with and communicate to your customers through text messages.

  • Identity Verification

    Automate your KYC process and easily identify your clients for a seamless onboarding.

  • Payments

    Send and receive payments through Falu's frictionless integration with mobile money wallets,including M-PESA and T-Kash.

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Built for developers

Easily integrate Falu with well-documented APIs

Use our well documented APIs to easily integrate Falu into your website and apps.

Custom tools

Use our client libraries and tools to integrate and work with Falu

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Why Falu?

The best of technology for digital solutions.

Proven reliability

Our systems have a tried-and-tested uptime of up to 99.99%.

Our industry-proven technologies also ensure the scalability and redundancy of our services.

Continual Improvement

Our engineering and product development teams work to release new feature and improvements periodically.

This way, we help our customers to stay ahead of any industry changes.

Optimized for security

Security is at the heart of Falu.

From role-based authentication, IP allowlisting to publishable keys for browser-based API access, we have feature-rich options to keep your applications and resources safe.

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We have a fair and transparent pricing scheme with no hidden fees.

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