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Why use Falu Payments?

A payment infrastructure for SMEs in Kenya

Receiving, sending, and managing payments should be a simple process; this is often not the case, especially for SMEs in the country.
Enter Falu Payments, an easy to use and integrate payments platform that enables businesses to accept and make payments through multiple options.

  • Enhanced Readability

    With proven uptime of upto 99%. Falu provides a reliable payment processing system free from outages or delays.

  • One-Stop Integration

    We interface with mobile money transfer systems in Kenya and offer a stable API to automate payment collections.

  • Simple Pricing

    Get an exceptional customer experience at transparent, volume-based pricing with no hidden fees.

  • Tailored Insights

    Falu's real-time transaction monitoring and processing are presented in an intuitive dashboard.

How Falu Payments works

  • Accept Payments

    Accept payments through a payment option of your choice:

    • API-Only - Build a fully API-based integration and design a custom payment UI.

    • Mobile money - Accept payments through MPESA, T-Kash, and Airtel Money.

    • Mobile - Accept payments from your iOA app and Android app using our mobile SDKs.

  • Process Payments

    Use Falu's complete tech stack to accept one-off payments, establish subscriptions, or power payments for a platform:

    • Programmable APIs - To facilitate payments and pay outs.

    • Authorizations - Accept only those payments that meet your criteria and avoid suspense payments.

    • Handle disputes and fraud - Use Falu's end-to-end automated process to eliminate manual handling of fraud and disputes.

  • Settle and Reconcile

    Settle and reconcile your payments easily using Falu. Access transaction reports automatically on your dashboard:

    • Transaction Reporting - Falu tags every payment received with a transfer report detailing the amount paid and when it was made.

    • Instant payouts - Falu does nt hold yor payments. Instead, we route them directly to your preferred receiving account.

  • Manage Payments

    Control your account and see all activities on it centrally:

    • Falu Dashboard - View and manage all your Falu data, customers, plans, and balances. You can initiate refunds, review possible fraudulent charges, and manage disputes.

    • Set roles and permissions - Tailor data access for your team to ensure that business-sensitive information and actions are protected.


Falu Payments lets you accept payments from Kenya's mobile money wallet, including MPESA, TKash, and Airtel Money. Our fees are base one transactions posted to your self-managed paybills.

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