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Utilize Falu Identity's end-to-end infrastructure to meet the KYC processing and risks operations needs of your business.

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Why use Falu Identity

A simple, secure, and effective way to verify identities.

Explore Falu's AI-powered identity verification platform to foster an open and secure relationship between you and your customers.
Falu identity helps businesses to reduce their customer acquisition costs, onboard new clients, detect and address fraud, and satisfy KYC requirements.

  • Build trust and safety

    Build trust and safety

    Enhance the credibility of your brand by actively identifying and reducing scammers and other bad actors.

  • Fraud Detection

    Fraud Detection

    Securely collect identity information and use it to stop fraud without compromising your customer relationships.

  • KYC Compliance

    KYC Compliance

    Satisfy local and global regulatory compliance requirements by making it easy for users to prove their identity.

  • Customer Acquisition

    Customer Acquisition

    Use automation to lower the cost of user acquisition by simplifying your onboarding process.

Easy and well-guided integration

  • Start verifications with no code

    Start verifications instantly using a shareable verification link created from Falu Dashboard.

  • Developer Documentation

    Get started quickly using our guides and reference material.

  • Scale Verifications

    Programmatically scale your verifications using pre-built libraries and SDKs.

Robust Functionalities

Exploit the power of AI to confirm identities with confidence.

Falu Identity brings together a suite of verifications, experiences, and powerful AI to drive secure and inclusive relationship with your customers.

Built for Africa.

Africa is a diverse continent, with various ID standards within it. The fragmentation makes it challenging to verify identities across the continent. Not Anymore! Falu Identity allows you to verify the authenticity of ID documents from multiple African countries.

  • Capture IDs using a simple and highly-optimized verification flow.
  • Extract and retrieve core data from the documents.
  • Access images collected from IDs and selfies.
  • Reduce false negatives.

    One of the most common causes of mistaken rejections of legitimate users is poor image quality. Falu Identity provides an easy-to-use interface that guides users through photo-taking to eliminate poor image capture. Only the most readable image is finally selected for upload, maximizing success rates.

    Fraud Detection.

    Detect and stop fraudulent users without creating friction for your legitimate customers or compromising growth. Falu Identity is built on models that are constantly being trained and updated.

  • Use machine learning to detect fake IDs and spoofed images.
  • Match a document holder's ID and selfie photos as well as video.
  • Validate SSNs against available databases.
  • Security and privacy.

    Falu Identity is built with security and privacy at the core. Our systems isolate sensitive data, reduces compliance burdens by storing verification data on your behalf, and gives you control over if this data should be shared.

  • Programmatically delete user data.
  • Users explicitly give consent before sharing data.
  • Businesses can easily manage, retrieve, and delete data.
  • Pricing

    Falu Identity's fees are based on the number and type of checks you make. You are only billed after completing a verification.

    Starts at

    KES 20 per document check

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