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Send and receive bulk and transactional text messages at scale using Falu Messaging.

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Why use Falu Messaging?

A scalable platform for business messaging in Kenya

Receiving, sending, and managing payments should be a simple process; this is often not the case, especially for SMEs in the country.
Enter Falu Payments, an easy to use and integrate payments platform that enables businesses to accept and make payments through multiple options.

  • Trust

    Engage customers with verified messaging over routes that protect against spam and unwanted messages. Falu's compliance and privacy software ensures secure engagements.

  • Quality

    We bring together a suite of real-time routing algorithms and integrate with Kenya's telecommunication carriers for unparalleled deliverability and throughput.

  • Choice

    We employ message streams to enable businesses send messages suitable to their needs - weather transactional, broadcast, or 2-way - with high deliverability.

One Messaging Platform, three products

We’re a dynamic group of individuals who are passionate about what we do and dedicated to delivering the best results for our clients.

  • Transactional SMS

    Use a dedicated transactional message stream to send unique, high-priority messages to a customer.

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  • Marketing SMS

    Employ Falu's marketing message stream to send branded messages to multiple customers simultaneously.

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  • Inbound (2-Way) SMS

    Use Falu messaging to create a two-way SMS channel of communication with your users.

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Use Cases

Build and maintain effective relationships with customers.

  • Notifications

    Deliver personalized alerts, reminders, or appointment notifications to your customers using Falu's transactional messages, and SMS streams.

  • Verification Messages

    Send one-time passwords to clients during onboarding securely and reduce support cost.

  • Product Updates

    Inform customers of product updates and launches through SMS and unlock new sales opportunities.

  • Customer Care

    Actively engage customers with two-way SMS conversations and provide a lasting positive experience.


Send and receive business text messages at scale using Falu Messaging. Pay per volume of messages and enjoy scaling discounts for high-volume and long-term use.

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