Transactional Messages

Send unique one-way messages to your customers using Falu's Transactional Messaging Stream.

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Send targeted, 1-1 messages

Use the Falu Transactional Message Stream to send one-to-one messages to a specific customer. Convey personalized details of a transaction between your business and the customer.

  • Optimal Deliverability

    Falu uses message streams to classify and separate messages, which are then channeled to the most available network service for optimal deliverability and time to inbox. With Falu, your high-priority messages will always reach your customers as soon as they are sent.

  • Highly Effective

    SMS is the most effective approach to send transactional texts, surpassing email in open rates. Since SMSs sent through Falu almost always reach the intended audience, Falu provides the best message per shilling spend to your organization.

Use Cases

Reach your customers with specialized messages

  • Welcome Messages

    Send your new customers a welcome message by text to make a great first impression.

  • Renewal Notifications

    Send monthly or annual subscription notification via transactional SMSs to reach your customer promptly

  • Support Ticket Confirmation

    Give your customers the confidence that their query is being handled promptly and efficiently by sending them a support ticket via text.

  • Delivery Notifications

    Free your customer support team from delivery inquiries by sending notifications to your customers regarding their delivery statuses.


Send transactional text messages using Falu messaging from KES 0.5 per SMS.

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