Dashboard overview

Use the Dashboard to manage your Falu account

Falu has a built-in dashboard that allows you to configure and manage your account.

Some of the activities that can be achieved through the dashboard include:

  • Provisioning a workspace.
  • Adding or removing members to/from your team.
  • Executing and monitoring transactions under the three Falu services.

Dashboard home

Home is the landing page of the dashboard, and it provides useful information about your Falu account. For example, it shows whether you are working in test or live mode and your business details.


The Dashboard is organized as per Falu's three services - Identity, Money, and Messaging - and two other commonly-utilized menus: Developers and Settings.

For example, through Falu Identity, you can verify your users' identities for specific business use cases such as onboarding new clients. This service can be accessed programmatically through API calls to the Identity Verifications endpoint. Alternatively, you can create identity verification flows from the Dashboard, after which you can monitor their statuses.


Team member access

You can add team members to help you manage your account through the Dashboard. Each team member can be assigned specific privileges that restrict their actions such as the information they see and the activities in which they can engage.

Refer to How to Add Collaborators to add and manage your team members.


Each account created in Falu is associated with a particular workspace, and it is from your workspace that you gain access to the Dashboard. By default, a team member is invited to a given workspace, and a person can be a member of more than one Falu workspace.