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Dashboard Overview

Learn about using the Dashboard to Manage your Falu Account

Falu has a built-in dashboard that allows you to operate, configure, and manage your account.

Some of the key functionalities that can be achieved through the interface include: provisioning a workspace, adding/ removing members to/ from your team, performing identity checks, and monitoring and responding to disputes.

Home is the landing page of the dashboard, and it provides information about the particular workspace in which you are working.

For example, it shows whether the environment is in test or live mode, the workspace ID, and your business details.


The Dashboard is organized as per the core features of Falu and the most commonly-needed functions.

For example, one of Falu's central features is Identity, through which you can verify your user's identity from a documentation perspective. The operation can be conducted through the Dashboard, rather than through an API call to FaluClient.


Team Members

You can add your team members to access the Dashboard and help you manage your account.

Each team member can have specific privileges that restrict their actions, especially the information they see and the activities in which they can engage.

For example, in the picture below, the team member was trying to access the Billing section under Settings, in which one can view and update payment methods, invoices, and usage history. However, this particular access was denied while inviting them to the Dashboard. dashboard-access_denied

Provisioning a Workspace

All the Falu functions can be accessed from a particular workspace.

By default, a team member is invited to a given workspace, from where they have the option to create other workspaces as desired.


Finding your Workspace ID

Each created workspace has a unique ID, which is generated when you provision a new workspace. You can find your workspace ID in the Home section.