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Sending messages through the Dashboard

You can send any of the three message types with Falu from the Dashboard, which provides a no-code interface through which you can work and monitor the status of your messages.


It is only possible to send messages to a mobile number from workspaces in Live mode. As such, make sure that your workspace is completely activated before proceeding with the steps below.

Sending a message from the Dashboard

The following steps represent a typical workflow of sending a message through the Falu Dashboard.

Configure your message

The first step to sending a message through the Dashboard is to configure your message.

To do so:

  1. Navigate to the Messages section of the Dashboard and click on the Send Message button.


  2. Compose your message by filling or selecting the relevant fields.


    (a) Provide the recipient's phone number.

    (b) Select a message stream - whether transactional, inbound, or outbound - that you wish to use to send the message.

    (c) You can either compose the message body or use one of your predefined templates.

    (d) Schedule your message: should it be sent immediately, at a given time/date, or after a given period?


Check out streams docs and templates docs to learn more about message streams and templates, respectively.

Send your message

Confirm the details provided in your message and press the Send Message button!

Monitor the status of your message


As your message moves from your application to the recipient, its status can take any of the following forms:

CreatedYou have created a message either from scratch or using a template, but it's not yet sent.
ScheduledYou have scheduled the message to be sent at a set time/ date or after a particular period.
AcceptedFalu has received your request to send a message and a sender is being dynamically selected.
SentThe message has been sent from Falu to a mobile operator who should then forward it to its recipient.
ReceivedThe mobile operator confirms that the message has been sent to the recipient.
DeliveredThe mobile operator confirms that the message has been read by the recipient.
FailedEither Falu or the mobile operator cannot send the message. If this is the case, check that the mobile number provided is correct.
CancelledYou have cancelled the sending of the message.
RedactedYou have redacted the message and its contents from your workspace.